16mm / sound / 3:30

With Ritournelle, Peter Miller and Christopher Becks have fashioned a miniature gem from a 16mm corps exquis exercise and an experiment in inside-out filmmaking, which began with a surreptitiously prestruck soundtrack.

- Andrea Picard, Toronto International Film Festival

Working independently in two different cities, Peter Miller and Christopher Becks composed the elegantly intimate corps exquis Ritournelle: Miller created the melodic yet haunting soundtrack which Becks used as the inspiration for the 16mm film, set entirely in the confines of Becks’ Berlin apartment. The subtle beauty of light beams bouncing off the surfaces of the apartment’s rooms slowly reveals the spatial context. Circles of white light dancing across the darkness of the screen give the feeling of awakening in the early morning to glimpses of daylight sneaking through shrouded curtains. The audio track works in harmony with the soft imagery to create a lovely warmth, a respite from the frenetic action of the first three films which sets the tone for the quiet, focused observations that pervade the
second half of the programme.

- Andrea Whyte, Cinemascope Online



18.11.2013    Gute Nacht!, Le 102 (Grenoble, France)
29-31.10.13   Viennale
25.10.2013    Goethe-Institut Seoul
20.07.2013    New Horizons IFF (Wroclaw,, Poland)
20.06.2013    Edinburgh IFF
16.05.2013    Saskatchewan Filmpool Coop with Double Negative
27.04.2013    Different Hands Different Eyes, Goethe Institute Indonesia (Jakarta)
25.04.2013    European Media Art Festival (Osnabrück)
14.04.2013    Levitation, Centrum (Berlin)
23.03.2013    Ann Arbor Film Festival
13.03.2013    University of Western Ontario
11.02.2013    Directors Lounge (Berlin)
25-26.01.13   International Film Festival Rotterdam
15.12.2012    Collectif jeune cinéma (Saint Ouen)

15.12.2012    Festival des Cinémas Différents et expérimentaux de Paris
18.10.2012    Versuchsanordnung, kunstraum t27 (Berlin)
09.10.2012    TIE at the Paramount Center (Boston)
14.09.2012    Light Cone Preview Show (Paris)
11.09.2012    Toronto International Film Festival